Where to Train on Runescape

There are many areas to train on Runescape, but they usually have a lot of people taking all the monsters. I will tell you specific places to train, and what skills should be trained. Most of the higher leveled areas I speak of will be non-member areas. In this article you will learn where to […]

How to Keep your Account Safe 2

I’m sure we have all heard people say they have been hacked at least once. Usually they are lying to get free items or gold. This does not mean that there are still not hackers out there. The best way to secure your account is never to give out your password to anyone. But, this […]

Runescape Passwords

How to make a safe password when creating an Account,Are you making a Runescape account? Do you want it as safe as possible? Then you need to have a safe password that is not easily guessed. A good password would be a pet’s name and the year you were born. (Examples: max87 spot94 sam57) Perhaps […]

Runescape Banks

The Runescape Banking system can do a lot more than just hold your items. However, because you are only allowed 28 slots for items, the bank offers some extra space for your items. This can come in handy if you want to keep some valuable items. If you die, you will only be able to […]

Lets get this looking nice

RS Outreach was established in order to bring Player Moderators and players together, alongside creating an opportunity for the Jagex team| to pop in and help to support friendly chat and events created for like-minded folks within the community. Many players didn’t know much about player moderators and didn’t think that they were regular players […]

Protect the City of Sky in New MMO, BoomSky

BoomSky gives players the ability to explore the mysteries of the City of Sky without the constant fear of death, thanks to an advanced newbie protection system that ensures new players only battle other players of a similar level. The browser-based aerial-combat MMO puts user skill at the forefront of battle. Every low level player […]

RuneScape Merchanting Items

The RuneScape world allows players to buy and trade items. This can occur at the Grand Exchange market place or on a one to one basis. There are numerous RuneScape Merchanting items that players may want to buy or sell. In fact this type of trade accounts for a lot of the fun in the […]

Tears of Guthix: Go with the Flow

If you’ve never tried Tears of Guthix before, it’s a cool D&D located under Lumbridge which – after completing the short Tears of Guthix quest – can be played up to once a week for a handy XP boost to your lowest-levelled skill. It’s steeped in RuneScape lore too, as you’ll tell stories of your […]