Protect the City of Sky in New MMO, BoomSky

BoomSky gives players the ability to explore the mysteries of the City of Sky without the constant fear of death, thanks to an advanced newbie protection system that ensures new players only battle other players of a similar level. The browser-based aerial-combat MMO puts user skill at the forefront of battle. Every low level player […]

RuneScape Merchanting Items

The RuneScape world allows players to buy and trade items. This can occur at the Grand Exchange market place or on a one to one basis. There are numerous RuneScape Merchanting items that players may want to buy or sell. In fact this type of trade accounts for a lot of the fun in the […]

Tears of Guthix: Go with the Flow

If you’ve never tried Tears of Guthix before, it’s a cool D&D located under Lumbridge which – after completing the short Tears of Guthix quest – can be played up to once a week for a handy XP boost to your lowest-levelled skill. It’s steeped in RuneScape lore too, as you’ll tell stories of your […]

Evolution Of Combat: Survey Results

The recent announcement of a launch date for Evolution of Combat certainly garnered a lot of attention! Your level of passion and dedication is obvious to see. It’s you guys who make RuneScape the uniquely amazing game that it is, and your enjoyment as RuneScape players is of paramount importance to us. As such, the […]

Barbarian Assault

Barbarian Assault is a cooperative, team-based safe combat minigame located at the Barbarian Outpost. It was released on 4 January 2007, to members only. A team of 5 players must work together in order to defeat 10 waves of Penance monsters and, finally, their leader, the Penance Queen. Teamwork and coordination are vital in order […]

Barrows equipment

Barrows equipment refers to a number of sets of combat equipment earned from the Barrows minigame. There are seven sets of Barrows equipment, each corresponding to one of the Barrows brothers. Each set has four pieces: a two-handed weapon, a helmet, a torso piece and legwear. When all four pieces for a particular brother are […]