Lets get this looking nice

Lets get this looking nice

RS Outreach was established in order to bring Player Moderators and players together, alongside creating an opportunity for the Jagex team| to pop in and help to support friendly chat and events created for like-minded folks within the community.

Many players didn’t know much about player moderators and didn’t think that they were regular players who wanted to skill and have fun, as well as make friends, as anyone does. RSO helps everyone to get to know each other through chatting, group skilling, and events every day!

n our chats all are equally respected. We love to event! Stop by our Player and P-Mod Events thread and check out our many parties and variety of things to group up in.

Have a special 99 coming up? We would love to stop by and cheer you on and shout out a big ole’ congrats! We can help this to be a very special time for you and fun for all!

Please note that all will stay in their home chats (RS Outreach).

We have friendly rules that are respectful and suitable to most. We have a variety of ages in our chat, however we do expect mature chatter that is not offensive. We rank folks on need for comfort coverage, participation, group support, and helping others if one has time.

Our ranks and supervisors have earned their standing, are fair, and helpful. They put a special effort into keeping things comfortable for folks, helping provide activities for many, and do not play favorites.

Don’t be afraid to pop in the Friend Chat Rs_Outreach and say hello!

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