Barrows equipment

Barrows equipment refers to a number of sets of combat equipment earned from the Barrows minigame. There are seven sets of Barrows equipment, each corresponding to one of the Barrows brothers. Each set has four pieces: a two-handed weapon, a helmet, a torso piece and legwear. When all four pieces for a particular brother are equipped, a special set effect is granted which is different for each set. The set effects are detailed below and mirror the special attacks of each of the Barrows brothers.

With the arrival of the evolution of combat, each set has the exact same armour and life point bonus, as well as the same damage and accuracy. The set effects, however, provide some variability which can be advantageous in certain situations. Some of the set effects can be very formidable; such as allowing players to hit much harder as they take damage (Dharok’s), pierce targets’ defenses (Verac’s), sap Strength (Ahrim’s), Agility (Karil’s) or run energy (Torag’s) with each hit, and renew lifepoints (Guthan’s) or prayer points (Akrisae’s) when they deal damage.

In the The Fall of Six it is said that Sliske gathered the Barrows armour from “distant lands”. Coupled with the fact that the person who sells bolt racks is from the Eastern Lands, it is quite possible the origins of Barrows equipment come from there.

The ring of wealth increases the chance of getting better items from the Barrows reward chest.

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